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The Startup Journey of Jilid - Premium Leather Products Manufacturers

The Startup Journey

How I Brought An Idea To Fruition With Jilid

At Jilid, our mission is simple – we strive to develop our brand in MENA, and expand worldwide. We want to become known as one of the world’s most reputable handmade leather company with quality that simply can’t be beaten. When I first began thinking about forming Jilid, this was something that I knew was a must. If I intended to create a new premium leather brand, then I needed to ensure that we offered something different – and in my mind, that would be handmade, artisan crafted leather products made from the proven traditional techniques of our ancestors.

And in no time at all, Jilid became a reality. If you’re interested in learning the full story of our startup journey, continue reading down below.


When I was younger, I always used to look back at the old ancient traditions of our ancestors. I considered myself a creative person, and I used to love making things with my hands. Whether it was whittling a piece of wood, or crafting something out of some spare pieces of scrap leather – I enjoyed the process and I loved the product. However, I always took a special interest in leather.

After spending a long time practicing and mastering the traditional techniques of leather, I decided to turn this passion into something that was a little bit more serious. At first, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do – I simply knew that I had come so far, and this could no longer be something as simple as a hobby that I could enjoy in my spare time. I needed it to be something more.

From there, Jilid was born. I believed in myself, and I worked to ensure that I brought my idea to life in whatever way I could. I believed in my abilities, I trusted my process, and I stayed the course. You see, I just felt that life was too short – and it wouldn’t be worth it to let it pass me by without following my true passion.


My story is still ongoing because Jilid is still quite young! But so far, we’ve begun developing our identity in the MENA region, and we have our eyes set on expanding into the international market as a major player in the leather products market in the future. We have customers from all throughout MENA and the rest of the world who shop our products, and we couldn’t be more proud to share our leather making traditions with the world.

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Isa Ali Aljalahma
The Founder

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