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Jilid - Premium Leather Company

The Pursuit of The World’s Best Leather

Jilid Is Constantly Searching For Premium Leather

Here at Jilid, nothing is more important to us than bringing premium leather products to the market – and with every last product, you can count on handmade quality produced by real, passionate, and dedicated artisans. This isn’t just leather – it’s handmade leather. With that in mind, we can’t stress enough just how important it is for us to ensure that we source only the finest premium leather in the world to base our products around.

Our sourcing process is just that – a process. We don’t simply purchase random lots of leather and begin crafting. For us, choosing the right premium leathers to craft our products with isn’t about preference – it’s a science. Much of our time is spent scouring the markets of Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Americas in pursuit of the world’s best leather because in our minds, that’s the only what that we can offer superior premium leather products to our customers.

The Process That Spans The Globe

At Jilid, we work each and every day to research and search for the world’s best leather. Throughout our time in business, we’ve been fortunate to have built a network of premium leather suppliers who come from all around the world. Our pursuit of the world’s best leather has taken us across oceans, over mountains, and through valleys to countries on nearly every continent. 

We’ve sourced leather in Asia, we’ve partnered with leather producers here in the Middle East, and we’ve explored the markets in Europe and the Americas to find the best possible matching leathers for each of our products. And of course, throughout our search, we’ve become privy to some of the most rare and difficult to find leathers. When we come across these beautiful prized possessions, we use them to handcraft limited edition leather products that carry more prominence with every stitch.

And although we’ve only been in business for a few months, our sourcing process has spanned years, and it continues to go on each and every day. For us, finding the world’s best leather products isn’t just an idea – it’s an absolute necessity. Quality matters most to us, and the only way to guarantee quality leather products is to craft them from high-quality leather.

The Jilid Quality Promise

Here at Jilid, we’re endlessly focused on ensuring that our products are built to last. For far too long, consumers in markets all around the world have been subjected to machine-made leather products that simply don’t live up to their expectations.

By embracing the handcrafting artisan techniques of the old days, and by using the very best leather in the world, we’re able to guarantee a level of quality that simply can’t be beat by a machine-made leather product.

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Isa Ali Aljalahma
The Founder

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