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How Our Process Guarantees Quality Leather Products

Here at Jilid, nothing is more important to us than ensuring the utmost level of quality for all of our premium leather products. Taking into account our passion, our belief in the old and traditional means of leathercrafting, our leather sourcing process, and our premium handheld tools, we believe that we’re able to guarantee a level of quality for premium leather products that simply can’t be found elsewhere in the global market.

And that’s exactly how we want it. To learn more about how we guarantee quality leather products, continue reading this article down below.

It Starts With The Ancient Traditions

There’s a reason for why we’re still able to hold ancient leather products in our hands – leather products that have been passed down to us from generation after generation. These non-machine-made products didn’t simply appear out of thin air; they were delicately and meticulously handcrafted by true leather artisans. With that said, our first step in our quality journey begins with the proven ancient traditions that have produced some of the world’s most beautiful and prized leather-based products.

Quality Products Come From Quality Materials

In order to ensure that the end product lives up to our quality standards, we scour the market to source the very best raw leather materials that we can find. Throughout our time in business, we’ve traveled across nearly every continent to find high quality leather material that we could use to handcraft our leather products. Today, we’re proud to claim that our network features some of the best leather materials in the world.

Crafting With The Right Tools

Going back to our ancient ancestors, the traditional artisanal techniques didn’t require the use of electronic sewing and stitching machines – instead, they revolved around simple and primitive tools that were respected and cared for the right way. For instance, we use all but three simple knives to craft each of our products.

And with these knives, we use ancient stone sharpening techniques to ensure that they remain clean, sharp, and pure – free from machine repair. In our minds, these tools allow us to embrace the handmade quality that we love and the durability that our customers expect.

The Right Techniques

We can’t leave out just how important it is for us to follow the very same ancient stitching practices that our ancestors had followed. For us, the saddle stitch is an integral component to the construction of each product. This traditional technique results in premium leather products and leather accessories that can withstand centuries of use.  To witness the quality of our products, we’d encourage you to pay our shop and visit and begin browsing our products today.

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Isa Ali Aljalahma
The Founder

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