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Traditional Leathercrafting Techniques

The Art of Stitching

Jilid’s Products Are Made Using Traditional Techniques

Here at Jilid, we’re proud of who we are, where we come from, and of those who came before us. For that very reason, we remain committed to embracing the ancient traditional techniques of leather crafting to ensure that our products are able to live up to the quality standards that we believe are critical for all leather products in today’s marketplace.

As a company, we’re well-versed in traditional leathercrafting techniques, and we work each and every day to utilize these techniques to grow, to expand, and to create more durable and long-lasting premium leather products that are built to span generations – just like the ones that were passed down to us from our own families.

The Problem

When it comes down to it, the market is full of machine-made leather products that claim to be made from “premium leather.” And yet, they simply aren’t able to hold up to the rigors of daily use. For that very reason, we sought to embrace the traditional techniques and processes because they’ve been proven to work.

Our Process

In order to ensure the very best quality of our products, we choose to hand stitch every last product all through traditional techniques. We utilize the saddle stitch to ensure longevity and durability – and in our culture, it’s a sign of true quality. The stitch was developed centuries ago and has been used to increase the quality of a horse saddle.

Think about it: horses were ridden for thousands of kilometers over and over again, and these leather saddles needed to hold up to the demands of their riders for years on end. Often times, riders would only own one saddle throughout their life, which means that it needed to have the longevity and strength to span decades.

The saddle stitch is designed to last a lifetime. It’s history is rich, and it’s traditions in our culture runs deep. We proudly use this type of stitch for all of our products because it’s the best way to ensure that our products live up to the quality standards that we set for ourselves, and the quality standards that our customers expect of us. From there, they can continue to use their products for years on end, and then pass them down to someone in their next generation.

You see, not only does the saddle stitch make for a long-lasting product, but it makes for a long-lasting memory that can span your family’s lineage for generations to come. Here at Jilid, we’re proud of our ability to help families from all around the world create memories with our products, and we owe it all to the saddle stitch and the ancient traditional techniques of our ancestors.

To see for yourself just how strong and durable the saddle stitch technique is, we’d encourage you to pay our shop and visit and begin browsing our products today.

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Isa Ali Aljalahma
The Founder

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  • Dr Ibrahim Prabu

    10 months ago

    Dear Sheikh Aljalahma, This is Dr Ibrahim. I am from UK and residing in Qatar. I am pleased and happy to see that you are reviving the tradition. May Allah give barakah in your effort. All the best Eid Mubarak Dr Ibrahim