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  • 100% Handcrafted and Hand Stitched

  • Premium Leather

  • Long Lasting


Here at Jilid, nothing is more important to us than bringing premium leather products to the market – and with every last product, you can count on handmade quality produced by real, passionate, and dedicated artisans. This isn’t just leather – it’s handmade leather.

Jilid is based in Doha, Qatar, and was founded in 2020 with a mission to provide the very best quality handmade leather products in the world. In a world where more than 99% of leather products are machine-made, we wanted to bring a new element to the table for leather lovers from around the world. We learned from the old and ancient techniques, where traditions resulted in premium leather products that contained more character, more identity, and more strength than contemporary machine-made products.

And with every last product that we have to offer, you can trust in long-lasting quality that can stay in your family for generations.

"Best Quality Handmade Leather Products & Accessories"